The airtight stove with 6 kW of power, ideal for well-insulated homes.

Airtight pellet stove made with a steel structure and front in White, Grey, Black or Bordeaux. New larger and deeper firebox for a better view of the flame. Cast iron brazier. Product equipped with ceramic spark plug ensuring ignition times reduced by 40%. The ventilation can be disabled.



Our Plus

Large hopper for high running time
Cast-iron grate for long-lasting durability
Wireless Programmable timed thermostat (optional).
Easy user-friendly control panel with timer function.
Combustion chamber made of refractory material for greater flame brightness (air models only).
Highly appealing finishes.

Technical data

Model DALIA AIR 6 S1
Energy efficiency class A+
Fuel type pellet
Max nominal output power 6.30 kW
Minimum output power 2.50 kW
Nominal performance - max 91.50%
Nominal performance - min 92.00%
Hopper capability 24.00 l
Hourly consumption at min 0.60 kg/h
Hourly consumption at max 1.45 kg/h
Runtime at min 26.00 h
Runtime at max 11.00 h
Heatable volume 155/35 m³ (*)
Diameter of smoke outlet pipe 80 cm
Weight 90 kg
Suggested draughtsystem 0.10 Pa-mbar
Smoke temperature 165 ºC
Massive smoke capacity 3.70 g/s

(*) Heatable volume refers to the number of cubic metres that can be heated by the product in an insulated room, therefore with an average calorific requirement of 35 kcal/h per m3

Dalia Technical designs