The stove with the performance levels of a boiler.

Pellet stove with ceramic sides and top, glass front; featuring a room fan and fully operated via an easy and user-friendly control panel. DHW heat exchanger included.


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Our Plus

Large hopper for high running time
Cast-iron grate for long-lasting durability
Wireless Programmable timed thermostat (optional).
Easy user-friendly control panel with timer function.
Combustion chamber made of refractory material for greater flame brightness (air models only).
Highly appealing finishes.

Diagram of details

Programmable electronics that manages the boiler functions (including chimney sweep and summer/winter functions).
Cast iron grate unit for long-lasting durability.
Combustion air ducted from the outside.
Large ash tray for a weekly clean (10 litres).
Room fan.
Domestic hot water exchanger.
Filling tank provided with a capacity of approximately 110 litres (about 70 kg).

Technical data

Model Lotus HYDRO
Energy efficiency class A+
Fuel type pellet
Max nominal output power 24.80 kW
Minimum output power 6.00 kW
Thermal power with fluid 22.70 kW
Nominal performance - max 91.60%
Hopper capability 106.00 l
Hourly consumption at min 1.20 kg/h
Hourly consumption at max 5.20 kg/h
Runtime at min 60.00 h
Runtime at max 14.00 h
Heatable volume 609 m³ (*)
Diameter of smoke outlet pipe 10 cm
Weight 210 kg
Suggested draughtsystem 10-0,10 Pa-mbar
Smoke temperature 120 ºC
Massive smoke capacity 17,10 g/s

(*) Heatable volume refers to the number of cubic metres that can be heated by the product in an insulated room, therefore with an average calorific requirement of 35 kcal/h per m3

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