The sealed pellet stove small in size

Sealed pellet stove, small in size, easy to use and with a modern look, suitable especially for passive and well insulated houses. It has a unique metal cladding, rounded on the side. Compared to other pellet stoves available on the market, it offers a particularly attractive flame, enhanced by a newly designed firebox, which is deeper and larger. It is equipped with a particularly spacious ash drawer that allows for increased autonomy.



Our Plus

Sealed structure and sealed combustion chamber as standard
Thanks to the Wi-Fi kit (optional), it can be remotely controlled from your smartphone or tablet.
Wireless Programmable timed thermostat (optional).
Easy user-friendly control panel with timer function.
Large hopper for high running time
Highly appealing finishes.

Technical data

Model Flora
Fuel type pellet
Max nominal output power 6.30 kW
Minimum output power 2.50 kW
Nominal performance - max 91.50%
Nominal performance - min 92.00%
Hopper capability 24.00 l
Hourly consumption at min 0.60 kg/h
Hourly consumption at max 1.45 kg/h
Runtime at min 26.00 h
Runtime at max 11.00 h
Heatable volume 155 m³ (*)
Diameter of smoke outlet pipe 8 cm
Weight 110 kg
Suggested draughtsystem 10-0,10 Pa-mbar
Smoke temperature 165 ºC
Massive smoke capacity 3.70 g/s

(*) Heatable volume refers to the number of cubic metres that can be heated by the product in an insulated room, therefore with an average calorific requirement of 35 kcal/h per m3

Flora Technical designs