Pellet boilers

Pellet boilers are a practical solution to replace old gas oil systems or new systems. These products allow for considerable savings over time (up to 40%), though you won't need to give up the automatic operation, simplicity and reliability of traditional systems. The high performance levels, up to 93%, mean that a pellet boiler is a forward-looking choice and definitely an eco-friendly one.

Easy to use boilers

In pellet boilers, a simple, user-friendly built-in digital panel controls the entire systemprogramming. With just a few simple commands, you can set the temperature the systemwill constantly guarantee throughout the entire day.

A Permanent and easy to understand display of the main system parameters.
B Graphic representation of the enabled timer
C Large display (66x95mm) backlit to provide utmost visibility
D Few buttons for easy and intuitive use
E Graphic display of the system with animated moving parts

Easy Clean: the boiler that cleans itself all by itself

EASY CLEAN is the system that automatically evacuates and compresses the ash so it can be emptied atintervals of up to three months. The ash is collected by a functional trolley fitted with wheels. Thesystem automatically manages turbolator cleaning.

A Automatic turbolator cleaning
B Rotary grille for automatic grate cleaning.
C Fifty-litre trolley tray for collecting ash, with emptying every season

Oxygen sensor: the best combustion

The oxygen sensor provides optimum combustion adjustment based on direct measurement of the oxygen in the smoke. Specifically, it constantly adjusts and optimises the amount of primary and secondary air during the entire boiler operation cycle, from initial start-up until the fuel runs out and the boiler switches off. Since it guarantees an always optimum efficiency interval, this technical solution translates into lower emissions and less consumption.

Power line communication technology

Thanks to the power line communication technology that takes advantage of the home’s electricity mains, the boiler functions (start-up, shut-down and programming) can be managed from any room of the home.