Solar panel

Thanks to the high efficiency and larger optimal dimensions compared to market standards, A RED COLLECTOR AFFORDS THE SAME
PERFORMANCE LEVELS AS APPROXIMATELY 2 STANDARD COLLECTORS with the advantage of reducing installation costs (fewer panels) and of minimising critical points (connections between panels).

Our Plus

Owing to its special structure, the efficiency of the RED collector is superior to standard collectors currently on the market, especially during sun-shy seasons, guaranteeing a minimal recovery of solar energy at all times
In summer, the solar energy is downright enough to cover the entire domestic hot water requirement, and the DHW can also be used for new generation dishwashers and washing machines, thereby contributing to significant savings on your electricity and heating bills.
RED collectors are built in Germany and are covered by a 5-year warranty
A RED system which teams a solar collector with other high efficiency components can cover on average up to 70% of the annual energy intended to heat domestic water.

Diagram of details

The protective solar glazing is built to guarantee the best light rendering. The 3.2 mm thickness and the heat treatments make it resistant to all weather.
The absorber plate in the collector is WHOLE, thereby avoiding the risk of heat loss which is typical of strip plates. Both the absorber plate and the coil are made of 100% copper. This avoids any problems due to thermal expansion and guarantees durability over time. In addition, the copper surface is TINOX coated to maximise solar absorption.
Compared to standard collectors which feature a “harp-shaped” structure, RED collectors have a “coil-shaped” structure which allow for much more uniform solar capture
The internal insulation is extra thick: 5 cm
RED collectors are fitted with a compensation joint which absorbs the typical mechanical expansion which occurs during operation, thereby extending the durability while keeping performance levels unchanged over time
Unlike standard collectors which feature insulation on the underside alone, RED collectors also have lateral insulation, making it complete

Technical data

Fuel type wood
Gross surface area 2.86
Net surface area 2.62
Weight 46 Kg
Capacity 2.52 l
Frame structure Aluminium frame
Height 2270 mm
Length 1260 mm
Depth 99 mm
Solar panel Technical designs