Storage Cylinder for domestic hot water

Storage cylinder to be used in combination with Hydro stoves or boilers, when solar panels are not installed or used. It is designed to provide large quantities of DHW immediately for maximum comfort levels.

Can be used on any boiler with DHW production instant

Easy to install thanks to its minimal weight and compact size

Our Plus

High heat insulation reducing dispersion of water temperature by approximately 1°C a day
Easy installation and positioning thanks to the removable insulation for handling and assembly
Oval-section solar collector coil for optimised heat exchange surface and minimal dimensions.
Double glazed cylinders compliant with standard DIN 4753 and DVGW authorised parts in contact with DHW.

Diagram of details

Inspection flange and magnesium anode
DHW expansion vessel
INOX 316 L stainless steel walls
Supplied with insulation
Adjustable DHW temperature


Technical data

Hopper capability 110.00 l
Empty weight 30 kg
Insulation thickness 10 mm
Height 1215.00 mm

Hydraulic scheme

Storage Cylinder for domestic hot water Technical designs