Pellet stoves

A pellet stove allows you to heat one room, multiple rooms or even the whole house, depending on the type and power level of each model, so you can save a lot on your utility bills. In fact, pellets cost half as much as methane and 1/3 as much as diesel oil. Thanks to its low cost, but also to the subsidies for renewable energy provided for by many countries, such an investment will pay itself back in no time. Furthermore, pellet stoves are a highly practical solution, since they can be installed quickly, without taking up much space, and are extremely easy to use. The RED stove models offer maximum programmability (on/off, setting the desired temperature) thanks to an easy-to-use and intuitive control panel, with timer function, installed on top of the stove.

Savings up to 50%

An eco-friendly choice

Easy Connect

Thanks to the Easy Connect system, RED stoves can be remotely controlled via a smartphone with a specific application and a Wi-Fi kit included as standard, without additional costs.

Hydro stoves, to heat using radiators

The RED range comprises several hydro stove models, which are recommended for heating the whole house using the existing radiator or underfloor heating system. These stoves offer the same performances of a boiler, with reduced autonomy due to the small size of the tank, but with an added bonus: they can be installed directly inside the house, so that the room in which they are installed can be heated more quickly.

Air, to heat one room

The Air models are ventilated stoves that are perfectly suited for combined use with an existing heating system. They are capable of heating quickly and effectively by forced ventilation. For this reason, they are ideal for heating one room or a single area of the house.

Multiair, to heat multiple rooms

The Multiair models are ductable stoves that convey hot air through pipes, allowing several areas of the house to be heated. In fact, they are designed to heat several rooms simultaneously, even on different floors.

Sealed stoves, a groundbreaking solution for highly energy-efficient houses

All RED pellet stove models are available with a 100% airtight structure, which does not exchange any oxygen with the room in which the product is installed, but only draws it from the outside. Sealed stoves ensure excellent thermal comfort in passive houses and in highly energy-efficient buildings.