Pellet boilers

Pellet boilers are an ideal solution for heating all types of buildings in a more eco-friendly and cost-effective way, from private homes and blocks of flats to industrial or commercial facilities. Just like conventional boilers that use fossil fuels, pellet boilers can heat both the water circulating in the radiators and water for domestic use, but with additional advantages in terms of environmental impact and savings. In fact, these boilers are designed to burn only pellets, a biofuel derived from the processing of natural wood, which is renewable and neutral in terms of carbon dioxide emissions. Moreover, pellets also cost much less than diesel oil, LPG or methane. Thanks also to the many types of government subsidies available, you will find that such an investment will pay itself back in no time.

Savings up to 50%

An eco-friendly choice

Easy and straightforward to use even remotely

Using a pellet boiler on a daily basis is not that different to using a gas boiler. Pellet boilers can be set to switch on and off automatically with the use of a highly intuitive digital control panel. Latest-generation pellet boilers (such as the Performa models) allow users to set the temperature required and check their operation also when not at home, via a convenient app that can be installed on a smartphone. With an advanced combustion control and management system, pellet boilers always ensure the amount of heat needed with utmost efficiency. Since the power supplied can be re-modulated according to heating requirements, there is no need to keep turning the boiler on and off, thus optimising efficiency, minimising consumption and reducing emissions into the environment.

Several days of autonomy

In order to occupy less space, the RED pellet boilers come fitted with a built-in pellet tank, which contains more than 100 litres of fuel, allowing the boiler to operate autonomously for 2-3 days or even more, depending on the model. Alternatively, if you have extra space available, the boiler can be connected to an additional container, tank or big bag, thus ensuring autonomous operation even for a few weeks without having to keep loading pellets.

Easier to clean

Cleaning the brazier and removing ash is generally an easy task, but if you make sure to use quality pellets you will only need to do this once a week. The most advanced pellet boilers feature systems that allow for quicker and easier cleaning. For example, they provide for the automatic operation of a cleaning system for the turbulators, the brazier and the exhaust smoke passage. Some models also come with a practical trolley, where ash is deposited and becomes compact, which can be emptied once every three months.

A complete system to be used all year round

To guarantee greater advantages, pellet boilers can be integrated with an additional tank for hot water and with solar panels, so that you will then have a truly complete, efficient and eco-friendly system ensuring energy savings and lower consumption. The tank, storage cylinder or puffer ensures that the water remains hot all day long, even when the boiler is off, and it is recommended not only when the pellet boiler is set on heating only, but also when supplying domestic hot water. An additional innovation is its solar heating system, which will prove to be useful in the summer for domestic hot water, but also in the winter to reduce boiler consumption.